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Atrum equitus.monolithgraphics

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It's Complicated
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I have peered into the void of eternity and thus forfeited my mind and soul. I see my own insignificance and also the insignificance of the human race, all of creation even. Few find it easy to recognise their own mortality or at least their own insignificance. After death they may be remembered yes but only in the minds of a small handfull of people. In the larger view of things the world is none the wiser, none the worse. I have walked the precipice of madness plummeted and returned held aloft by wings of enlightenment. I am Atrum Equitus-The Dark Horseman and I ask you to remember this one and only rule of life .Life brings only two certanties pain and death as for the amount of time you have left well all I can say is TIME IS THE MEASUREMENT OF EXISTENCE AND THE LIMIT OF LIFE
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My Dark Deeds

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